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Performance comparison between SP8-F offline mass production programmer and traditional one-to-eight programmer

2019/8/22 15:46:11      Views:

Today, with the rising labor costs, many electronics manufacturers are looking for efficient chip programming solutions to save labor costs and improve product competitiveness. SFLY SP8-F high-efficiency offline mass production programmer uses high-speed 32. ARM processor, built-in 128Mbit data memory. Special IO processing for the chip. The programming speed is much higher than other common programmers of several thousand dollars, becoming an ideal solution for mass production customers.
Some customers mistakenly believe that to mass-produce programming, you should choose a programmer with a drag and drop. In fact, this is not the case. This article will compare the SP8-F programmer with other programmers in one aspect.

Operating speed

1 drag 8 programmer operating mode


The above parameters are assumed to be ideal, that is, the chip is placed correctly, the chip pins are in good contact, and all 8 chips will be successfully programmed. Later, it will be mentioned that the wrong direction of the chip or the poor contact of the pins in the one-to-eight model The resulting adverse effects.
The 1 to 8 models purchased by the customer are programmed in synchronous mode (in fact, 1 drag 8 on the market is basically in synchronous mode), and all the chips need to be placed before programming.
The verification of this model adopts the time-sharing operation mode, that is, the built-in CPU first reads a piece of data from the SD card, checks it with 8 chips, and then reads a part of the data and checks each chip separately.
Time spent writing all 8 chips: 57S, average time per chip: 7.1S
SP8-F cluster operation mode
We assume that the customer uses four SP8-Fs for cluster operation, and all programmers work independently without affecting each other.
We can place a chip or take a chip when one of them is programming.
As can be seen from the above figure, basically the operator is only constantly putting chips and taking chips, and the programming operation does not take up the operator's time.
SP8-F cluster mode writes 8 chips and takes time: 43S, average time per time: 4.5S

Overcurrent/short circuit protection
In the one-to-eight model, all the chips being programmed are powered by the same power supply. If the operator accidentally puts one of the chips in the opposite direction, or one of the chips is bad, all the chips will fail to program. And the drag and drop of the eight machines can not accurately tell which chip has a problem, the user can only remove all 8 pieces, and then check one by one. Time-consuming and laborious.
All SP8-F machines operate independently and are powered separately. Each machine is equipped with a short-circuit/overcurrent protection function. When the chip is reversed or bad, it can accurately report errors in time and without affecting each other.

Pin contact detection
SP8-F has pin contact failure detection, and automatically detects the chip pin contact state in offline mode. The programming operation will start only when the chip pins are in good contact.
One-to-eight models do not have the pin contact detection function. When the chip pins are not in good contact, the error can only be reported at the end of the chip programming. This leads to unnecessary time wastage.

SP8-F has built-in offline memory, no need to use SD card or master chip. After using the PC software to download data, the programmer can work independently from the computer. No need to make any settings for offline work, just put the chip and take it. The chip can be used, even the start button is not needed. The programmer will use the built-in buzzer and multi-color LED indicator to prompt the results. The use is very simple. Ordinary workers will use.
One-to-eight operation is relatively cumbersome, you need to use the mother chip or SD card, and ensure the data accuracy of the data file or the master. In the offline operation, you need to set the corresponding settings. If the settings are not correct, it will be possible. All the chips that caused the programming are not working properly.

Online programming function
SP8-F can also be connected to a computer operation, and its speed is basically no different from offline operation. It has more flexibility in engineering development and small batch programming.
Most of the one-to-eight models do not support online operations. Even with this feature, the speed is very slow and there is not much use value.

Value for money
If the customer uses 4 SP8-F programmers for cluster operation, the cost is about 1800 yuan.
At present, the market is one for eight models, the price is 2000~3500 yuan.

In Conclusion
SP8-F is superior to the traditional one-to-eight mode programmer in terms of programming speed, ease of use, cost performance and flexibility.

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